Ceating a theme for movie-related themes is not only about coding an auto-play video. In the new age of technology, people always want to find out more about the movies they saw. They want to read more about the imagined world set in the movie, behind the scenes, the crew and other related products. That is the focus of our newest WordPress movie theme FilmMaker: to provide a whole ecosystem around your film studio.

FilmMaker shows that you know who will be reading your website. Modern internet users always need to know more, and we understand that need. FilmMaker gives you the opportunity to create a whole ecosystem surrounding your movie. We provide you informative pages to let you introduce your crew, your making process and a lot more.

FilmMaker is a perfect fit for studios with lots of helpful information to share: film studio, animation studio, VFX agency, movie production company, TVC production company, video bloggers, etc. What your movie-related needs are, we can satisfy them all.

FilmMaker features a clean and minimalistic design that promises to keep viewers scrolling until the end. Animations are also carefully coded to bring an elegant sense to your website. Take a look at the elegant animation of History page, featuring a vertical timeline for your milestones.

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